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Top Six Tree Problems

Tall Trees is a Tree Health Care Company

  • Neglect: trees in urban areas do not have the advantages that forest trees have. There is very little organic recycling because leaves and other organics are raked up and disposed of. A proactive approach must be taken when dealing with urban trees. We suggest regular watering with a soaking hose, proper tree mulching and tree fertilizing.
  • Mechanical Damage: weed wackers and lawn mowers cause irreversible damage to tree trunks and can decrease life expectancy. We suggest caution when mowing around trees or contracting a professional to properly mow your yard.
  • Construction Damage: back fill over root systems will kill trees and the use of heavy equipment on root systems will adversely effect the health of trees. We suggest getting a certified arborist’s advice before construction begins, or properly treating damages already occurred by proper pruning or cabling, wound dressing and proper mulching and watering.
  • Lack of Pruning: Trees need regular maintenance just like lawns to keep them healthy. Pruning every 2-4 years, depending on tree species, can greatly extend your tree's life. It not only removes hazardous dead limbs but also eliminates crossing & rubbing branches thus opening the canopy so wind & snow can filter through.
  • Aphid Insects: Aphids are small and pearl shaped. An infestation can cause yellow discoloration and defoliation.
  • Birch Leaf Miner: at epidemic levels in Anchorage. Larvae mine the inside of leaves, stopping photo-synthesis and causing birch defoliation. Successive years of this may cause the tree’s health to be compromised and even lead to tree mortality.

Tall Trees is a Tree Health Care Company

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